October 22 launch date

Microsoft has confirmed that its latest operating system, Windows 7, will launch October 22.  Just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Microsoft will put Windows 7 on store shelves and computer makers will have systems ready to sell with Vista’s successor on Oct. 22, the company confirmed today.

Until today, Microsoft had been coy about naming a release date for Windows 7, although it edged toward a timetable last month. Both Bill Veghte, the senior vice president who runs the Windows Business unit, and Steven Sinofsky, the senior vice president of the Windows engineering group, said then that Windows 7 was on track for the holiday selling season, and would make the final milestone — called “release to manufacturing,” or RTM — in mid-August. Today, however, other company spokespersons said Microsoft is shooting for RTM by the end of July.

This isn’t the first time that October has been named as the likely ship date for Microsoft’s new OS. In an interview last month, an Acer executive based in the U.K. said “October 23 is the date that Windows 7 will be available.” The executive, Bobby Watkins, the managing director of Acer’s U.K. operations, also confirmed that customers who bought a Vista-powered computer from the company in the 30 days leading up to Oct. 23 would receive a free upgrade to Windows 7.

Also if you have purchase a computer with Windows in the months leading up to the official launch date there will be “special deals” for upgrading to Windows 7.

Microsoft will also offer discounted or free upgrades to Windows 7 to users who buy PCs in the months leading up to the operating system’s launch in a program dubbed “Windows Upgrade Option,” a company spokeswoman said Tuesday.

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