Bogus hoax on Facebook

This time regarding the Christmas tree application.

Thousands of Facebook users are warning each other about a Christmas Tree virus said to be spreading in the form of a rogue application on the social network.

The only problem with this warning? It’s utterly bogus.

Here’s a typical message being shared widely on Facebook:

WARNING!!!!!!.....DO NOT USE THE Christmas tree app. on Facebookplease be advised it will crash your computer. Geek squad says its oneof the WORST trojan-viruses there is and it is spreading quickly.Re-post and let your friends know. THANKS PLEASE REPOST!

Users believe they’re doing the right thing when they share warnings like this – but unfortunately they haven’t checked their facts. Although anyone could at any time create a rogue application with the name “Christmas Tree” of course, we’re not aware of any malware which uses this disguise.

Furthermore, since when was Geek Squad a reliable source for information about new malware? Wouldn’t you be more sensible to check with an established anti-virus company? A legitimate warning would at the very least have included some links to further information – such as a statement on Geek Squad’s website.

Graham makes a great point when it comes to sharing virus warnings: take the time to make sure it is credible before doing so.

Two things can occur if said advice isn’t followed.  The first is that misinformation (ie hoaxes) tends to live forever in the name of “doing the right thing.”  The second is that the chances of a legitimate threat being ignored could increase significantly.

Ironically, the hoax is probably spreading much faster than any of the genuine commonly encountered Facebook viruses at the moment.

And that isn’t good.

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