Undefeated at the hacking competion

Looks like if you want a smart phone that wasn’t hacked at the Pwn2Own competition go with a phone that utilizes Android or Windows 7.

And when it comes to a web browser Chrome and Firefox may be the way to go.

From the results of the Pwn2Own hacking competition, it looks like Android and Windows Phone 7 are tough nuts to crack.

It took only two days for hackers to crack into the Apple and Blackberry operating systems during the three-day Pwn2Own tournament last week, while Android and Windows Phone 7 models were abandoned and left unhacked by the end of the contest.

Is this because their operating systems are more secure? Yes and no.

“The survival of a target at Pwn2Own does not automatically declare it safer than a target that went down,” last year’s Internet Explorer Pwn2Own winner Peter Vreugdenhil cautions.

So how does the competition work?

Vreugdenhil says many different factors determine how hard a target is to hack. There’s the safety of the software itself, the exploit mitigations that are already in place for that software, and then the amount of research that has already been conducted (which can speed up the process of writing an actual exploit).

But just because those for products were undefeated don’t be to quick to jump on the respective products’ bandwagons.

The contestants who were lined up to beat the Android and WP7 devices in the competition withdrew for a variety of reasons.


Firefox and Chrome web browsers were also left undefeated because contestants withdrew from Pwn2Own.

And then there’s this little tidbit.

Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Android and Blackberry all use WebKit in their browsers, which means that they are all susceptible to exploitation through the browser — and that’s exactly how the iPhone and Blackberry were attacked.

Go to the source to see how to determine a safe smartphone, since ultimately no device is ever really unhackable.


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