Hackers & top online targets ranked

Looks like hackers can earn points for hacking websites.

Dubbed Rank My Hack, the hacker community site assigns point values to hacks. “Welcome to RankMyHack.Com,” the site reads. “The worlds first elite hacker ranking system. Submit proof of your website hacks in exchange for Ranking Points that earn you a place on the leaderboard of legends. The bigger the site, the bigger the points.”

According to The New York Times, Rank My Hack was started by a computer science student in Great Britain, going by the name of “Solar.” The Times said he “acknowledged hacking illegally ‘in the past’ to develop his skills, but said he had never engaged in criminal acts like fraud.”

The Times, which first reported on Rank My Hack, said that so far 1,200 hacks have been submitted to the service for review. To get recognition for a hack, users must gain access to a site, and then plant some code on the server. Rank My Hack then checks for the code, and based on the hack’s difficulty and site’s popularity, points are assigned, the Times reported.

But is it really something new?

Chris Lytle, a security researcher at Veracode, isn’t all that impressed with Rank My Hack. In fact, Lytle told CNET in an interview today, Rank My Hack is just the latest way for hackers to do what they’ve been doing for years now–brag.

“This site is really nothing new,” Lytle said. “People have been bragging about their exploits on message boards, mailing lists, IRC channels, etc. for a long time. All that this site really brings to the party is an arbitrary scoring system.”

Also of interest is that it lists sites being targeted by hackers.

Rank My Hack also comes with a “bounties” page, allowing users to see which sites hackers can claim to target. However, when trying to access that page, the site says that users “must be logged in to view the point bounties” because of “high media coverage.”

Although Rank My Hack’s users are taking aim at sites, Lytle said he doesn’t believe that companies have anything to worry about from the site, since as he points out, “Rank My Hack wasn’t disclosing technical information about what the actual exploits were, just that an exploitable vulnerability existed.”

Of course one has to wonder why hackers would brag on a public site that anyone can view.  And that includes law enforcement.

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