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Great piece over at the CompTia blog regarding the “private cloud”:

What is the “private cloud?” Well, it’s where the IT department is where the company itself provides all of the cloud-based services, but from within its own firewall. Remember when the term “Intranet” was coined to describe how IT could provide the best Internet-based services behind the firewall? Private cloud computing is basically the same sort of approach. Again, some folks think that private cloud computing is an oxymoron. Like Eric Knorr over at InfoWorld, I think the definition of the “private cloud” is a bit fuzzy, but it’s worth talking about.

The private cloud involves virtualized services offered as a service independent of any single hardware platform, usually through a Web browser. When offered privately, cloud services remain behind the firewall, and they are offered on a metered basis. This means that the IT department becomes the “X as a service” provider.

As well as skills that one should have to be an expert in the “cloud”:

If you want to become a private cloud computing expert, check out the following skills you should learn:

  • Understand business issues, including the concepts of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), and chargeback. Yes, chargeback. Yeah, it’s kind of a weird word. The first time I heard it back in 1997, I thought someone was talking about some sort of new defensive lineman position for the NFL. Basically, chargeback means metering services and then charging departments, making your IT department a business within your business. This way, your IT department becomes less of a cost center and more of a revenue generator, in a sense. Pretty cool idea if you can get it to work.
  • Know how to read a bill from a cloud provider, no matter which side of the firewall it comes from. From the people I’ve talked to, the numbers change pretty radically
  • Learn virtualization.
  • Get some consulting skills.


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