Google+ Pages Managed via 3rd Party Apps

Google has made it easier to manage pages on Google+.

Google+ Pages can now post, share and interact with content on third-party social media applications, such as HootSuite, Involver and Buddy Media.

For marketers using multi-platform social media marketing campaigns, the move will allow them to manage multiple accounts from any of the various social networks included in their websites. Among the other third-party apps included in the initial roll out are Context Optional, Hearsay Social and Virtue.

While the feature is not available for users of personal accounts, the move represents another major step for Google+, which only recently opened the network for use by businesses and other organizations.

Still, Google+ Pages have critics in the early stages of their roll out. The primary issue has been that the service is still open to multiple administrators of the same account. Since many businesses that use social media marketing pages have several employees or a third-party agency updating their accounts, the integration of multiple admins is critical to the success of Google+ as a marketing tool.

Not included in the initial rollout was TweetDeck, a third-party application purchased by Twitter earlier this year.

The level of integration appears to vary although all the apps provide analytics.

While the integrations with Google+ vary, the functionality seems extensive at first glance. Hootsuite, which also announced it was a launch partner, specifically mentions that it supports sharing to different Circles, searching public Google+ posts, viewing recent user activity and managing Circle membership. The launch partners are also offering analytics for tracking the performance of an individual Google+ Page.

The question still remains can Google+ be a true player without 3rd party app management being available for Google+ profiles.

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