Social Networking the most important technology of 2011

That would be social networking in general, not one aspect that is the most important technology of the past year.

From the “Arab Spring” to BYOD, social networking was clearly the most important “technology” of 2011. I’m not talking specifically about any one platform. Sure, Twitter is important if you want to keep tabs on the latest movements of people important in your life. Facebook is perfect for lurking around and leering at people’s (more or less) personal lives. LinkedIn has become the de facto standard for business-based networking. We’ve all heard the stories about Wikileaks, Anonymous, and how technology seems to play a role in building up and breaking down political figures of the day.

I’m talking about all of the related technologies that make social networking possible. Social networking as we currently know it wouldn’t exist without virtualization, HTML5, and all of those  “as a service” offerings such as Amazon’s EC2. And don’t forget all of those mobile devices, including the shiny, new and ever-so compelling Android or iPad you just got for Christmas. All of these cloud-based technologies are behind social networking.

So, while I could have just written about one technology or device is the technology of 2011, that wouldn’t reflect the current zeitgeist. Right now, social networking is the technology of the year. It’s not any one implementation of virtualization (sorry VMWare). It’s not any one SaaS or PaaS implementation.

So how does that affect one’s career path in IT?  As with any aspect you should have focus.

For your career, focus on the individual pieces that make social networking possible. Are you interested in becoming a virtualization guru? Then learn about how virtualization makes social networking possible. Interested in what Cisco is developing to make voice, video and data more efficient? Then focus on how these things are implemented in the cloud and in regards to social networking.

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